If YG Were President, Perpetrators Of Police Brutality Would Be Beheaded


If YG were president, all his dawgs would be free, every family would be $200,000 richer, he’d alleviate the harsh sentencing for nonviolent crimes, work to eradicate the life sentence, we’d have flows of organic food, college would be free, and the police officers who murder innocent black people would have their necks chopped off.

In an interview Monday (July 3) with Montreality, the rapper listed all the things he would do if he had the chance to take Donald Trump’s spot.

“If I was president, all these police that’s mother f**king killing innocent black people for no reason would be doing life in prison,” the West side rapper began. “If I was president, f**k that, slaughter their ass. Chop their neck off.”

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Following popular opinion, the “FDT” rapper has been openly proactive in voicing his views on the current 45th. In the spiteful track undeniably geared at the sitting president, YG admits “me and all my peoples, we always thought he was straight. Influential mothaf**ka when it came to the business.” He continues to reveal his true feelings towards Trump as he chants the hook which consists of a repetitious, “F**k Donald Trump.”

Likewise, the Compton native expresses the fatal fear, paired with his justifiable need for protection, he has towards the men in blue as he spits, “I’m psyched out cause I’m already striped out/But if I get caught without one (then my lights out).”

The interview eventually takes on a lighter note, and in celebration of the Fourth of July, YG details the different types of wings, hamburgers, tacos, spaghetti and alcoholic beverages that one would typically find at his BBQ.

Yet, somehow by the end of the six-minute interview, YG finds his way back to Trump before he expands on his inquisitive bewilderment on why we’re here on Earth. Peep the 4Hunnit affiliate’s interview above.

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