Young M.A. Is Over The Lil Yachtys & Lil Uzis Throwing Off Hip-Hop’s Balance

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Mumble rapping seems to be the new wave for this generation’s hip-hop, but there are still a number of artists who aren’t willing to accept that fate. The latest rapper to stand up in opposition, is Young M.A, who recently sat down with MONTREALITY to discuss the current state of hip-hop. During her 10-minute interview, the “Ooouu” rapper called out Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, suggesting they were responsible for throwing off the industry’s balance.

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“There’s definitely a lot of the other stuff going on right now,” the HerStory rapper said of rap’s diverse sound. “It’s definitely not a balance, it’s definitely one [side] higher than the other.” Although she admitted that she wasn’t sure of the reason why the culture is lacking, she went on to speak on her distaste for mumble rappers. “I can’t never knock nobody, but the Lil Yachtys and Lil Uzis are definitely outweighing the game right now,” she added.

Young M.A isn’t the only one who has shared their concerns about the new direction hip-hop has taken. A number of pioneers have also voiced their issues with mumble rapping and the new era of rappers. Unfortunately, Lil Uzi and Lil Yachty have gotten the most backlash, often being held responsible for the downfall of the musical art form.

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Lil Boat has previously responded to claims that he is the “poster child for wack rappers” on The Breakfast Club. “I don’t see where I be mumbling… I’m not saying I really be ‘spitting,’ but I feel like I open up my mouth. Or I be harmonizing or singing… I’m not tripping. As long as I continue to prosper, I’ll take mumbling to the top,” he said. We’ll just have to leave the mumble rapping conversation up for interpretation.

Check out Young M.A.’s comments on MONTREALITY above.