Young Thug Advises Fans Not To Fall In Love With Strippers, Except He Forgot One Thing


Young Thug’s simple tweet about dating strippers took a hilarious turn when an unsuspecting guest joined the conversation.

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On Friday (July 7), the rapper shared his dislike for dating dancers, explaining how he wouldn’t allow himself to fall in love. In the past, the rapper has shared his unique views of sex and relationships, from his disinterest in sex to his slow introduction to love. Thug received a few critiques from his mini-rant, including the one and only T-Pain, who has a few reasons why it’s okay to get “sprung” over a dancer.

In case you didn’t remember, the artist and entertainer made a splash in the mid-2000’s with the hit, “I’m In Love With A Stripper,” bringing the next wave of stripper appreciation to the masses. During his convo with the modern R&B legend, Thugger thanked him for paving the way for new artists.

Relive the 2000’s with T-Pain’s classic tunes below.

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