The Cast Of ‘All Eyez On Me’ Discuss Their Favorite Tupac Song

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Director Benny Boom and the cast of All Eyez On Me brought Tupac’s short but impactful life to screen in this summer’s highly-anticipated biopic, and to promote the film’s home entertainment release, the cast explained why their favorite Tupac song is the best.

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Available on digital HD August 22 and blu-ray September 5, Demetrius Shipp Jr (who played Tupac) Kat Graham who was cast as Jada Pinkett-Smith and the rest of the film’s actors all offered different songs and varying reasons why there particular choice best epitomized Tupac’s work.

In promotion of All Eyez On Me, VIBE–which has interviewed and covered Tupac’s life and career extensively– chatted with 28-year-old Shipp ahead of the film’s nationwide release. Penned by journalist, author and activist Kevin Powell, the two spoke about their mutual connection and admiration for the late rapper.

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Dominic L Santana who took on the role of Suge Knights said the Dr. Dre produced “California Love” is his favorite, while Annie Ilonzeah who plays Kidada Jones and Shipp agree “Dear Mama” ranks number one in their book. The DVD and blu-ray features deleted scenes and Shipp’s audition and a few behind the scenes.

Tupac’s catalog is extensive so to choose a favorite is tough, but if you had to, which Pac song is your favorite of them all?