THINX Founder Introduces Heels That Feel Like Sneakers On The Inside


You’re out on the town with your BFFs. Or maybe you’re on a first date. Hell, let’s say you’re just leaving your corporate nine to five. The latter part of the evening finds you in the middle of some dance floor, cutting a rug in your favorite pair of heels. Not because they feel nice, but because they look good and your shoe game is proper. You know how this goes. The next morning your feet are tender, even swollen. It’s the price you pay for movin’ and groovin’ in high dress heels.

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But what if there was a heel, a stylish, innovative pair of dress shoes that you could rock all day and night, and not have your feet suffer the cost in muscle ache? Enter Antonia Saint NY, a New York-based startup re-engineering classic-looking flats and heels to mimic the comfort of sneakers on the inside. It’s also the newest creation of Antonia Saint Dunbar, one of the three co-founders of THINX.

CREDIT: Antonia Saint NY

On July 25, Antonia Saint NY introduced their innovative Victoria High Heel and Jane Autumn Flat on Kickstarter, and within a week raised a quarter of a million dollars. Said shoes will be available in standard U.S. sizes as well as custom fit. How cool is that?

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Antonia Saint NY is peddled as “a high-tech, custom-fit women’s shoe company set to disrupt the $28 Billion dollar U.S women’s shoe industry, with a patent-pending system that makes flats and heels look classic on the outside, but feel like sneakers on the inside.”

To learn more about these high-tech heels and flats, or to donate to the project, visit here.

CREDIT: Antonia Saint NY