The Obamas Are Still Responding To White House Fan Mail Because They’re Amazing People


We’re reminded every day of the absence of melanin greatness that was Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House. The former first family is prepping their campaigns for education and civil rights, and the couple is still responding to fan mail from Capitol Hill.

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On Monday (Jul. 31), Twitter user Brooke Allen posted a photo of a touching note from Barack and Michelle to her mother, who invited them to her wedding earlier this year. They weren’t able to attend but sent well wishes to the newlyweds.

It’s safe to assume any mail to the couple is forwarded to their office outside the Oval. Allen’s tweet went viral because, why not. It prompted many Obama admirers to share the letters they’ve received from the former first family.

Barack and Michelle have stayed busy with speaking engagements and being awesome. Michelle recently attended the ESPYs to honor late Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver. At the Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s 30th anniversary celebration, she shared how she dealt with racism during her time as the nation’s first Black first lady.

Meanwhile, Barack has taken part in a documentary on the life of Shimon Peres, the late president and prime minister of Israel. “They had a shared love of history and literature. And they were both outsiders to some degree,” filmmaker Richard Trank told The Hollywood Reporter about Barack’s relationship with Peres. “The president said he was so honored to do this, and we were so honored to be sitting there with him,” he added. “It was a great experience.”

Ah, gotta love the Obamas.

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