Belly Debuts Guilty Pleasure Video, “P.O.P.” (Starring Blac Chyna)


It’s going to be a tough day on social media for Rob Kardashian, but Belly could give a f*ck less about his feelings. The Toronto star has Blac Chyna flaunting her stuff in his new “P.O.P” (“Power of P*ssy”) video.

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“Perfection personified, I was powerless in her presence/Acting all possessive, I tried to buy her possessions/Just a peasant, possessed by the power that she possesses/Presented her my heart and she broke it like a profession,” raps Belly about his guilty pleasure on the track.

In the video, directed by Director X, Belly and a group of curvy individuals give the Internet audience at home something to drool over. The hitmaker’s “P.O.P.” single is available for purchase on all streaming platforms now.