Big Boi Spends All His Money On “Chocolate” (Video)

Big Boi’s sweet tooth gets the best of him in his Troze-assisted video for “Chocolate,” the riot-starter of a song he released earlier this summer. With dessert on the brain, the Atlanta veteran lets his imagination run wild.

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“Uh, I feel my sweet tooth acting up/All I need is you to go on ‘head, back it up/Honey, paper sack brown, yeah, I’m black enough/Never holler “man down” ’cause we’re standing up/Standing rock, she pretty/Stay litty, lil’ nigga, is you shitting me?/Off the Hennessey and Tito’s, we go/Hard in the paint like a nigga making free throws,” spits 1/2 of Outkast on the upbeat track.

Big Boi’s “Chocolate” single was featured on his most recent solo album, Boomiverse.

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