Blac Youngsta Puts His Money To Good Use By Paying Rent For Several Of His Fans


Blac Youngsta’s overflowing flaunt of wealth has sparked criticism over the years, but his latest act has his critics singing a another tune.

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The rapper and professional flosser shared on social media Saturday (Aug. 5) an act of kindness in which he helped pay the rent for three of his fans. With a few screenshots of the deed, the rapper captioned the post by explaining his need to give back. “I feel it’s only right to give back when I can since God blessed me to be in this position,” he wrote.

The batch of fans included a mother of three, a nursing student and a teenage boy being raised by his mother and five siblings. The deed started as a contest the rapper held on social media on Friday (Aug. 4) asking families to share their stories with him. Those he found the most touching were then given the gift of free rent.

The rapper’s money antics have left fans divided. Many enjoy the rapper making in rain while others aren’t as impressed. His love for the Benjamin’s left him in a bind last year when he was falsely accused of fraud at a Wells Fargo bank.

Fans have grown curious over the rapper’s change of heart. The rapper wiped out most of his Instagram recently, but left messages of positive affirmation to the world.

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