Interview: Busta Rhymes Thinks Swizz Beatz Will Overthrow Timbaland In Upcoming Beat Battle

The rap legend spoke on the highly-anticipated battle before his performance at the Crystal Pepsi Throwback tour in Bronx, NY Tuesday (Aug. 1).

Like all of us, Busta Rhymes is ready for Swizz Beatz and Timbaland to break out the archive of hits (and unheard gems) for their upcoming beat battle. In February, the rapper got to witness the now iconic clash between Swizz and Just Blaze, and even provided the web with a new meme to overflow the TL.

Jokes aside, the rap legend shared with VIBE his thoughts on the battle and how well received it was from admirers of hip-hop’s most important pastime. “It’s always incredible to see family push each other to be great,” he said before his performance at the Crystal Pepsi Throwback tour Tuesday (Aug. 1) in the Bronx. “When you’re respectfully competing, and it’s all in fun, it’s even more dope. As a fan and growing up [seeing] battle rap, graffiti, dance or DJing…. this is what the fundamentals of hip-hop [were] based on.”

Streamed on Hot 97 as well as Instagram Live, Swizz and Just organically revamped the tradition, as fans from all over the world tuned in. The battle took everyone out their seats, especially Swizz’s drop of an unheard JAY-Z, Nas, DMX and Jadakiss collaboration. The “Thank You” rapper expressed how today’s technology added a new element to the moment.

“We didn’t have these platforms [before] to really promote a real raw filthy under the nail authentic rap battle on this wavelength before,” he said. “To be able to do that and have it live streamed, you’re sharing the culture in ways other people have never experienced–while they’re sitting in their crib.”

Earlier this month during the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor press conference in Brooklyn, Swizz called out Timbaland to take part in the next battle. With both ready to hit the musical ring, Busta is standing behind Swizz. “They’re both going to have incredible moments, but Swizz might give Timbaland a little run for his money,” he said. “He might crack the whip under Timbaland a**. I’m hearing a lot of people talking about how [Timbaland] is going to bust Swizz a**, but I beg to differ just a little bit.”

Busta went on to take the stage with Spliff Starr to perform a medley of hits that span over two decades. Hosted by Angie Martinez, the Crystal Pepsi Throwback tour’s first stop was one to remember with Busta welcoming hip-hop pioneer Kool Herc on stage. He also played his new single featuring Tory Lanez and Vybz Kartel.

The Crystal Pepsi Throwback tour is an ode to the clear fizzy drink paired with a multi-city tribute to the music that defined hip-hop and pop’s dominant sound. Up next will be performances by Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath on Aug. 11 in Phoenix and Salt-N-Pepa on Aug. 13 in Miami.

As for the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland battle, no date has been announced. Other battles proposed include The Alchemist vs. Havoc, Harry Fraud vs. Buckwild and the very intriguing Pharrell vs. Timbaland showdown.

Check out the full interview up top.

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Bryson Tiller Announces Deluxe Edition Of ‘Trapsoul’ Debut

Ahead of the release of his highly anticipated new album, Bryson Tiller is giving fans another chance to fall deeper in love with Trapsoul. The Grammy-nominated singer announced that he will be releasing a deluxe version of his debut album to streaming service this Friday (Sept. 25).

The deluxe edition will feature fan favorites “Just Another Interlude” and “Self Righteous,” Tiller tweeted on Tuesday (Sept. 22). “Before we get into my new album, I wanna celebrate with this special edition of my debut album, 'Trapsoul.' Featuring a few songs that didn’t quite make the cut.”

before we get into my new album, I wanna celebrate with this special edition of my debut album, Trapsoul. Featuring a few songs that didn’t quite make the cut. Y’all asked for these on All Platforms and they’ll finally be yours this Friday. thank you!

— tiller (@brysontiller) September 23, 2020

Released in 2015, Tiller’s debut album put him on the map, and earned a Billboard Music Awards nomination for Top R&B Album. The triple platinum release, lead single “Don’t” cracked the Top 20 on the Billboard singles charts becoming his highest charting solo effort to date.

Earlier in the month, Tiller released the music video for his song “Inhale” which samples Mary J. Blige’s “Not Gon' Cry.” The end of the video reveals that Tiller’s new album will drop sometime this fall.

Watch “Inhale” below.

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Da Brat Talks Coming Out, Going To Prison, Dating Allen Iverson And More

Da Brat sat down with Kandi Burruss for an episode of Speak On It where she reflected on her career, opened up about coming out as a lesbian, and more.

The Chicago native, who recently went public with girlfriend, Jessica Dupart, explained that while her sexuality may have been an open secret, she was scared to go public early in her career out of fear of disappointing her family, namely her grandmothers who have since passed on.

“I was nervous but I was like ‘f*ck it.’ I’m happy, I don’t care,’” she recalled of coming out. “I’m in love with this woman, she completes me, she makes me feel like I’ve never felt before.

“I got nothing but good responses,” continued Brat. “It made me feel so good that I did it. First of all, it was a weight lifted but I got nothing but positive responses then you got your troll motherf*ckers talking bout ‘we been knew.’”

After Brat got out of prison in 2010, Kandi approached her to be in a TV show about lesbians. “I thought about it but I just wasn’t ready [to come out],” she admitted.“I was still scared. I was like I’m not [about to] get on here with these gay b*tches and be looking all crazy. How can I pull it off and participate and not look gay? Now I don’t give a f*ck. This is my life. I’m happy, living in my truth, if anybody don’t like it oh well.”

As a youngster, Brat had several boyfriends. She says she didn’t realize that she was attracted to the opposite sex until she fell in love with woman at age 18. Throughout the year, she dated both women and men, one of whom was Allen Iverson. Dating the NBA star at the height of his career proved to be a struggle for Brat. The “last straw” was one of the women that Iverson was apparently sleeping with approaching them at a hotel.

“I’m like b*tch I know you see me sitting here with n*gga, you still gon’ say you’re looking for him? I must’ve mollywhopped that b*tch down the hallway,” she recalled. “I said ‘you know what? I can’t do this with you [Iverson],’ and I kind of like faded out answering the calls and just had to pull back, and then it eventually fizzled out.”

Further in the interview, Brat spoke about being revered by fellow inmates in prison while guards purposely mistreated her because she was a celebrity, and Mariah Carey coming to visit. During her three-year prison stint, Brat started penning an autobiography with the help of an inmate serving life but hasn’t been able to get the work back. The 46-year-old rapper and Dish Nation host hopes to release a biopic one day.

“I would love to like do a movie or docuseries, so people could see what the f*ck I been through, how I became the best of both girls: one side of the family was sanctified, the other side I got to wild out. So that’s how I’m like a tomboy on one side and a Christian on the other side.”

Watch the full interview below.

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Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Accused Of Embezzlement Amid Divorce

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, are embroiled in a contentious divorce battle, with both sides hurling allegations at each other. The latest round of accusations revolved around Nicole allegedly embezzling money from Record One, a company founded by Dre and Larry Chatman in 2015.

According to TMZ, the company was founded under an LLC of which Nicole is a trustee and signatory on the LLC’s checking account, and therefore had access to the company money. Chatman claims Nicole wrote herself a check for $353,571.85 last month,  plus an additional $30,000. Dre, whose birth name is Andre Young, and his business partner are giving Nicole a week to return the money or face a lawsuit.

In legal documents filed on Friday (Sept. 18), Nicole accuses her ex of hiding assets, kicking her out of their home, and years of physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

“Andre’s history with women provides context for the blatant disregard he had for the legal rights of Nicole, his wife and mother of their three children,” the complaint states before referencing Dre’s ex, Michel’le, and the Lifetime biopic that revealed the abuse she suffered. “Andre’s documented past is riddled with tales of dominating and physically abusing women, which he was forced to admit when a movie of his life was being released.”

Nicole alleges that she co-owns the trademark to Dre’s stage name. She also claims that he created an assets holding company to secretly transfer “valuable trademarks” that they allegedly co-owned. The documents allege that Dre threatened to file for divorce in late June leaving Nicole “no choice” but to “initiate divorce proceedings” two days later.

The mother of three was previously married to NBA player Sedale Threatt before marrying Dre in 1996. Dre and Nicole raised three children together, including her son from a previous relationship. Dre also fathered three children from previous relationships.

Nicole, who claims that she was coerced into signing a prenup, demanded a reported $2 million per month in temporary spousal support.

She is requesting a jury trial.

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