Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Offers White Supremacists Hugs To Combat Hatred

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson apparently believes in the “kill them with kindness” adage. The former NFL star recently caught up with TMZ Sports and revealed that he’s willing to go to a white supremacist rally to offer people hugs.

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“You know what the white supremacists need?” Ochocinco told TMZ. “They need some f***ng love from me. Matter of fact, the next rally, let me know and I’ll show up. I’ll walk through there hugging and kissing everybody.”

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Additionally, he said being the only black person in a predominantly white movement would definitely make a statement. “Could you imagine me?” Ochocinco asked. “The only f*****g black guy at the Klan rally with a shirt that says ‘I love you?’ And I would do it.

“You know how you fight aggressiveness? With love. Love,” he continued. What are your thoughts on this? Does love really trump hate? Sound off in the comments below.