Charlamagne Tha God Is Really Taking The Latest Death On ‘Power’ To Heart

If you watched Sunday night’s (Aug. 20) episode of Power then you too are preparing your attire for the funeral of Raina St. Patrick. The death of the show’s most innocent character came as a shock to fans and only further cemented their disdain for Raina’s twin brother Tariq, who caused her death when she out of love defended him against Ray Ray.

Many online couldn’t understand why Raina was the one who was killed and not Tariq, but as Power creator and show runner Courtney A. Kemp always says, her and the Power writers believe in fearless storytelling. While we’re all coming to grips with the new direction of the show, no one seemed to take it harder than Power 105.1 host Charlamagne tha God. That following Monday (Aug. 21) Uncle Charla made it known where he stands with Riq.

Charlamagne took it one step further giving Tariq (a fictional character on a fictional television show) “Donkey of The Day” for his actions and which led to his sister’s death.

“I hate Tariq’s face,” The Black Privilege author said. “

Charlamagne wasn’t done, and he didn’t stop there. The Breakfast Club host took his anger to Instagram and further threw salt on Tariq comparing him to the baby dinosaur on the 90s TV show Dinosaurs.

Normally we’d say Charlamagne is doing the most, but Riq has been cuttin’ up all season for no reason and his actions got his sister killed. So you know what Uncle Charla, we’re not even mad.