Politician Tells CNN’s Symone Sanders To Shut Up During Heated Charlottesville Debate

CNN’s Symone Sanders has no issue defending her political beliefs against those who staunchly disagree with her, but the 27-year-old former Sen. Bernie Sanders political spokeswoman will not tolerate being spoken down to or disrespected. On Monday’s edition of New Day (Aug. 14), Sanders had to combat Republican politician Ken Cuccinelli.

”READ” ”Jimmy

”READ” ”Jimmy

When asked what led up to the demonstration, Sanders accused Cuccinelli of dismissing white supremacy’s power. She interrupted the former Virginia Attorney General to reiterate the fatalities that occurred, and it was then that Cuccinelli said, “Will you just shut up and let me finish, Symone?”

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Sanders quickly addressed the disrespect.

“Under no circumstances do you get to speak to me in that matter,” Sanders fired back. “You should exhibit some decorum and understand that you were trying to defend and excuse white supremacy on this program. And under no circumstances will I sit by while that happens. So you can shut up.”

During an interview with HuffPost, the Nebraska native said she knows for certain Cuccinelli wouldn’t have told anyone else to shut up.

“I’m not there to be disrespected, I’m not there to be personally attacked or dismissed,” she said. “I highly doubt if I were a white man, he would be telling me to shut up.”