Premiere: Danny Chung Feels The Summer VIBES In “Swerve” (Video)

Philly native Danny Chung returns with a new track/video reflective of his current home of Los Angeles. With the Cali sun shining, Danny enjoys the vibes as he brings the feel-good number “Swerve” to life on the small screen. Producer Big Banana’s mellow backdrop gives the rapper the perfect canvas for his melodic crooning.

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He has been a staple in the Asian-American hip-hop scene for the past decade and most recently has lent his pen to K-pop stars like CL and Jessi.

“This record comes from a place of witnessing and even experiencing complacency,” says Danny about the song. “Sometimes you get stuck in your ways and get comfortable, and I’m definitely not in a position to be comfortable yet, so this song is a reminder to keep it moving, and a reminder that the straight and narrow is f*cking boring.”

Directed by Tony K Films

“Swerve” is available on Apple Music and Spotify now.