‘Detroit’s Will Poulter Talks The Emotional And Psychological Weight Of Playing A Racist

In Kathryn Bigelow’s latest film, Detroit, U.K.-born actor Will Poulter plays every black man and woman’s worst nightmare. The 24-year-old took on the frightening task of playing one of the film’s three villains in uniform. Bringing to life a racist who is only emboldened by the power of the law, Poulter’s Officer Krauss uses violence, emotional torture, and even murder to have his way.

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Centered around the tragic events that took place at the Algiers Motel, Krauss, along with officers Demens (Jack Reynor) and Flynn (Ben O’Toole), responds to gunshots heard from the motel’s second floor. From there, viewers are thrust into an all-night battle to stay alive.

VIBE traveled to the Motor City for the film’s premiere and also to chat with the cast. While Poulter’s character is a born-and-bred domestic terrorist, Poulter himself is warm, bright, and willing to answer tough questions, and speaks at length about the role white people played in the 1967 Detroit riots — and currently play in the way the world works today.

Check out the interview below to see how Poulter tapped into his character, and the educational experience he had while making the film.

Detroit hits theaters nationwide August 4.