DMX Mandated To Travel With A “Sober Coach”

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It looks like DMX landed his first win for the first time in awhile. After being placed on house arrest and being denied travel amid his tax evasion case, a federal judge has finally ruled in the rapper’s favor. The Ruff Ryders legend has reportedly be granted the ability to travel for work-related events, on the condition that he is accompanied by a “sober coach,” the New York Daily News reports.

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It was previously reported that X’s travel request to Atlanta was denied because he failed to submit the form at least one week in advance of his scheduled, travel date. Learning from his mistakes however, the rapper’s attorney, Murray Richman, submitted another form requesting permission for X to travel to Las Vegas, Philly, and Los Angeles, and a  judge accepted.

According to the judge’s ruling, the sober coach must be with DMX 24 hours of the day while he is out of town. Furthermore, X is responsible for all of the coach’s travel expenses. Nevertheless, Richman says the new ruling is a major win for them. “We’re ecstatic about the court’s decision giving Mr. Simmons the opportunity to perform and continue his career,” Richman said.

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The travel permission may just be a smoke screen to DMX’s real issues though. The rapper is still alleged of hiding millions from the government. If convicted of tax evasion, X could face up to 44 years behind bars. We’ll just have to see how this plays out.

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