Trump Proposes Bill That Restricts Legal Immigration Based On One’s Education Level

President Trump just promoted a new bill on Wednesday (Aug. 2) that puts a massive restriction on legal immigration, The Washington Post reports. He aims to cut back on the number of green cards distributed from more than 1 million to just 500,000.

During his campaign trail, Trump proposed to put more of an emphasis on job skills over familial relationships when it came to determining green-card eligibility.

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“Among those who have been hit hardest in recent years are immigrants and minority workers competing for jobs against brand-new arrivals,” said Trump. “It has not been fair to our people, our citizens, and our workers.”

Other members of the government on a national level are deeming the POTUS’ divisive tactics as unfair and damaging to minorities. “This offensive plan . . . is nothing but a series of nativist talking points and regurgitated campaign rhetoric that completely fails to move our nation forward toward real reform,” Sen Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said in a statement.

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Reportedly, Trump has met with Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) to discuss the new bill, which is called “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (Raise) Act.” Their initiative calls for eliminating family-based immigration programs, which include admission for siblings and adult children of U.S. citizens. However, minors and spouses are still able to apply for residency.

Amid the harsh policy, opponents say legal immigration shouldn’t depend on someone’s education level. “Just because you have a Ph.D. doesn’t mean you’re necessarily more valuable to the U.S. economy,” Stuart Anderson, executive director of the National Foundation for American Policy, said. “The best indication of whether a person is employable is if someone wants to hire them.”