South Korean Man Fined For Spreading Rumor Of Wedding Between Dr. Dre And Former First Lady


Dr. Dre has landed in a web of lies that’s received traction in South Korea. According to BBC, an unidentified man spewed false information of a wedding between the music mogul and the country’s former first lady, Lee Hee-ho.

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The rumor began in January when the man published a blog post of the alleged wedding. Per CNBC, the wife of the country’s late President Kim Dae-jung, planned to marry the Beats by Dre founder “in order to launder the late Kim’s slush funds.”

Seoul Western District Court handed down a 5 million won ($4,400) fine for “defamation against the deceased.” Judge Lee Eun-hee said, “The rumor about the slush fund and the marriage between Lee and Dr. Dre is groundless.”

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No word on why the unnamed person selected Dr. Dre, who’s married with children.