Father-Daughter Duo Flip Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up” Into A Back To School Jam

Never underestimate the power of hip-hop and family togetherness. The two became one recently when educator and proud dad Joel A. Carter remixed Yo Gotti’s growing hit single “Rake It Up” into a back to school anthem.

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Uploaded to YouTube on Sunday (Aug. 13), Carter and his daughter exchange bars on keeping up grades, the education system and the importance of teaching in and out the classroom. “I tell all kids, rake it up, break it down, we college bound, them A’s you rake it up,” they spit in the adorable video.

Carter also encourages teachers to take the extra steps to inspire their students. “They gotta know that even if they’re wrong they gotta learn, we may not discern what he learn from his answers, but who’s to say he might be the one to cure cancer?” Carter spits. “That’s why I love ‘em like my own, they don’t know how much you care till you care (do you care?) and love ‘em like your own, cause some of these kids won’t get it from home.”

The video quickly gained an audience on social media, where it’s received plenty of love from kids, parents and educators.


Yo Gotti’s single with Nicki Minaj is a favorite on the Billboard charts and with fans. The single entered the Top 25 this week and anticipation has grown over the release of the single’s music video.

Check out the full video to the track’s remix above.

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