Flavor Flav Reportedly Suing Public Enemy For Unpaid Royalties

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Flavor Flav reportedly has a bone to pick with Chuck D and Public Enemy. The artist and TV personality is reportedly suing all parties for an undisclosed amount over unpaid royalties, Billboard reports.

According to court documents obtained by Billboard, the lawsuit alleges Public Enemy’s management attempted to minimize Flav’s role in the group, which sufficiently cut his pay. “Despite Drayton’s position in Public Enemy, the group’s management and related companies have for years attempted to minimize his role in the Public Enemy business, while continuing to rely upon Drayton’s fame and persona to market the brand,” documents reportedly state.

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In addition to Chuck D, the documents reportedly name several other people, including Eastlink Productions producer, Gary “G-Wiz” Rinaldo, SLAMjamz Records, Reach Music Publishing, Inc., Sounddome Entertainment, Inc., manager Clifton “Greg” Johnson and Xecutive Entertainment. Flav, whose real name is William J. Drayton, claims that he wrote more than 50 songs for Public Enemy, yet he hasn’t received a dime regarding songwriting royalties in years. Besides songwriting, Flavor Flav also claims her hasn’t been compensated for Public Enemy merch that was sold using his name or image.

Furthermore, the lawsuit states that the artist was alarmed when he learned that his voice and image were used on the recently released Public Enemy album, Nothing Is Quick in the Desert without his permission, according to Billboard. Although Flav reportedly went into the recording studio, he alleges he had “no input on the creative direction of the record” and was under the impression that the material that was recorded was not final.

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The amount that Flavor Flav will receive in royalty payments, if any, will reportedly be determined when the case goes to trial.