Garcelle Beauvais Teases A Reboot Of “The Jamie Foxx” Show


If you were born in the 80s and raised in the 90s not only did you experience top tier hip-hop and R&B music, but television during that era was also A1. Among some of our favorite shows (Martin, Living Single New York Undercover) was The Jamie Foxx Show.

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To commemorate the 21-year-anniversary of the 30-minute sitcom, Garcelle Beauvais who played Jamie’s love interest Francesca  “Fancy” Monroe took to Instagram Monday (Aug. 28) to pay homage to the show which lasted for five seasons, and teased fans with the idea of a reboot.

“Twenty-one years since The Jamie Foxx show premiered on Aug. 28, 1996″ Beauvais captioned. “Wow. Great memories, good times. Should we do a reboot or leave alone?”

Starring Jamie Foxx as Jamie King, the comedy centered around Jamie who moved to Hollywood from Texas for dreams of stardom.  To support himself Jamie worked at his uncle’s hotel The King Tower and at any given moment would try his best to merit love from “Fancy” or crack jokes on the uptight Braxton. (Christopher B. Duncan)

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Jamie Foxx saw the caption and was also taken back by how quickly 21 years flew by. While there are several prominent shows now with an all black cast (Insecure, Power, Black-Ish, Atlanta) do you want to see Jamie Foxx and the gang return to the King Hotel? Sound off in the comma.