Gentrifiers Are Taking Over Thailand And Begging For Money To Enjoy Their Vacations


There’s a new trend happening in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries: where wypipo arrive and beg on the streets to fund their vacations, reports Blavity. This is like gentrification, but somewhat awkwardly in reverse? And seems worse than the growing normalcy of spotting an upscale coffee shop in a low-income or culturally significant neighborhood.

Immigration officials in Thailand have been cracking down on those who acquire a tourist visa; foreigners should have about 20,000 baht, or at least $605, in spending money. Photos of tourists have been floating online on Twitter of people begging for cash on the street and also asking for illegal low-collar jobs.

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Traveler and writer Radhika Sanghani recently pointed out the false realities many of these nomads have and how they are unable to acknowledge their privileges. “You cannot spend time in some of the world’s most deprived areas and fail to see that there is a difference in having your smartphone stolen and not being able to eat,” she wrote in The Daily Telegraph. “People who fail to recognize this are the epitome of white privilege.”

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“It’s bad enough when tourists go on ‘slum tours’ in underdeveloped countries and take photos of beggars,” she continued. “But when they join them so they can pay for white-water rafting, they’re taking their entitlement one step too far.”

Here’s how some of the masses reacted on Twitter: