Google Gives Teen $10K After He Finds Security Bug During “Boring Vacation”

A 17-year-old high school student from Uruguay was awarded $10,000 from Google after discovering a hidden security bug.

ABC News reports that Ezequiel Pereira, a self-taught computer programmer discovered the bug while at home during his winter break. Apparently, the young man was bored at home which leads us all to question…what the hell have we been doing with our lives besides binge-watching Power?

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“I was really bored at home, during my winter vacation,” he tells ABC News. “And luckily that day I had the idea to do the trial and error that led to the discovery.”

The bug was discovered in Google’s AppEngine server, the company’s dashboard for their technical support team, where Pereira could access part of it internally without being authenticated.

A while after the bug was fixed, Google reached out to the young Pereira this month in an email notifying him that they were awarding him $10,000 for the fix. He learned all this while on his way home on the school bus, being the envy of all his peers.

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“My reaction was really calm. I’m a really calm person,” he said. “I just thought, ‘Great,’ and called my mother to let her know.”

Eduardo Vela, Google’s Vulnerability Rewards Program Technical Lead tells ABC News that although the team had been able to fix bugs like this before, Pereira managed to find something that was not completely fixed.

“We had seen something similar before and we fixed it but he found a part that hadn’t fixed it correctly,” said Vela. “He was looking in the right place at the right time.”

The young bull Pereira hopes to attend college in the United States and plans on saving his ten grand.

In the words of the modern-day urban griot Young Dolph, “Get paid young hitta, get paid!”