Herman Cain To Ben Carson: “House Negroes Stand Up”


With Donald Trump as president, O.J. Simpson months away from breathing fresh, free air and North Korea capable of pulling up at any moment, if there’s one thing 2017 has shown anybody it’s that anything can happen. Case in point: Herman Cain.

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The former Republican presidential candidate decided to show support for Dr. Ben Carson after Carson’s hometown newspaper The Michigan Chronicle said he was in the lead to win the “House Negro of The Year ” award. Well Cain was offended by the title and took to his own personal website to get a few things off his chest.

“Since the Michigan Chronicle, a historically black Detroit-based newspaper, thinks Dr. Ben Carson is a “house Negro”, then I must be one also,” Cain wrote. “Because that’s one of the names you get called by other black people when you are a success at something, and you do not buy into “black group think”, or act and say what they want you to say.”

House Negroes stand up! https://t.co/BvMWEU0KBI pic.twitter.com/M7zNy5SdN6

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Cain then takes his defense for Ben Carson up a notch by saying the soft-spoken doctor won’t brag about how he became a world class surgeon, but did so by not believing he was a victim.

“Gentle Dr. Ben Carson is too nice to respond to that garbage article and name-calling by the Michigan Chronicle, but I’m not! Let’s start with the fact that he prayed hard about even accepting the HUD job. Personally, I was glad he accepted it, because he will bring “outside the box” ideas and thinking to HUD. Many of the old ways of doing things have left many of our urban areas unchanged for 50 years, and too many of our young people have been trapped in cycles of poverty, crime and weak educations.

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“Secondly, Dr. Carson didn’t become a world-renowned brain surgeon by being a “house Negro”. He achieved this distinction because of his intellect and the results he produced in his profession.”

Okay, Mr. Cain.