‘Hip-Hop Alphabet’ Book Will Reportedly Teach Children About The Culture’s Extensive History

Coming this fall, kids and hip-hop fans alike will be able to cop a book that is solely for the culture. The Hip-Hop Alphabet book, which is written by Howie Abrams and illustrated by graffiti artist Michael “Kaves” McLeer, will reportedly educate the youth about the genre’s extensive history.

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The book will reportedly feature a chapter on all 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter will represent a specific milestone, person, or element that’s crucial to hip-hop. For example, the letter “B” will reportedly stand for Beastie Boys; “J” is for JAY-Z; and “D is for DJ-ing. Th new generation of hip-hoppers will also be able to learn about the significance of vinyl, graffiti, and the backstories and accomplishments of various artists like A Tribe Called Quest and LL Cool J – who most recently became the first hip-hop artist to be honored at The Kennedy Center.

Additionally, the alphabet book includes a forward penned by DMC (Darryl McDaniels) of Run-DMC. In his message, he says the book combines “the wit and words of hip-hop with the artistic mastery of graffiti (our art) to provide a creative educational experience for young and old alike.” “It’s solid proof that hip-hop, as well as all of the arts, are powerful tools for learning and educating our children!”

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The book’s release will come just a couple of months after the culture celebrated hip-hop’s 44th birthday on Aug. 11. The Rap Year Book, which was originally written by Shea Serrano, is also another extensive analysis into hip-hop’s history, which is be adapted into a documentary for AMC. The Roots’ Questlove and Black Thought will reportedly executive produce that project.

Proceeds from the Hip-Hop Alphabet book will reportedly go to the Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music. The foundation was established in order to provide equal access to the arts for children in low-income areas. The book will reportedly debut on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in Oct. 2017.

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