Hip-Hop Around The World: Stunning Images Across New York, Japan, Cuba And More

August 11, 1973 marks the birth of hip-hop, when DJ Kool Herc held a back-to-school party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx. He first introduced “the break” when he used two turntables instead of one to extend the instrumental break, allowing people to dance longer, which later became known as “breakdancing.” The MC, graffiti writing, b-boys and b-girls, and hip-hop fashion were eventually interwoven into the culture just as emphatically.

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Since its humble inception, a product of black and brown people from some of the most marginalized communities in the country at the time (and arguably ’til this day), rap music has gone on to touch the lives and homes of people from all backgrounds, in cities all around the world. Not only did hip-hop quickly become a global phenomenon in mere decades, but on July 18, 2017, the genre became the most consumed in the country, surpassing rock music for the first time in U.S. history.

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And while rap music is on its millionth transition even as we speak, the very fundamental tethers of hip-hop culture has and continues to politically, socioeconomically, culturally, musically and educationally impact neighborhoods across the globe. Here are 19 stunning images of hip-hop around the world:

1) Cairo, Egypt | 2014
Hip-hop in Cairo, Egypt, 2014
CREDIT: Getty Images
2) United Kingdom | 1984
Breakdancers, 1984
CREDIT: Getty Images
3) Tokyo, Japan | 1986
Teddy Boys, Harajaku Park Tokyo Japan 1986
CREDIT: Getty Images
4) Mumbai, India | 2012
CREDIT: Getty Images
5) South Bank, London
UK - South Bank - Urban culture street and breakdancing
CREDIT: Getty Images
6) Paris, France | 1998
Teenage boys listening to music friom a stereo wearing American style football and basketball tops in Paris
CREDIT: Getty Images
7) Bronx, New York | 1975
Hip-hop fashion relating to graffiti art
CREDIT: Getty Images
8) Atlanta, Georgia | 1998
Kriss Kross And Jermaine Dupri
CREDIT: Getty Images
9) Cape Town, South Africa | 2002
Tupac Shackur Graffiti In Cape Town, South Africa
CREDIT: Getty Images
10) Mindanao, Philippines
Muslim rebels in Jolo and Zamboanga In Philippines-
CREDIT: Getty Images
11) Centro Habana, Cuba | 2007
King Of Salsa Rehearsal
CREDIT: Getty Images
12) London, United Kingdom | 1983
A Group of Breakdancers, London 1983
CREDIT: Getty Images
13) New York, New York | 2003
New York City Deals With Blackout
CREDIT: Getting Images
14) Johannesburg, South Africa | 2002
Youth Culture In South Africa
CREDIT: Getty Images
15) Chengdu, China | 2005
Chengdu Hip Hop Culture Festival
CREDIT: Getty Images
16) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 2014
Brazilians live to party and when the Rio Carnival goes on all favelas and neighbourhoods turn into small or massive street and block parties, the so-called blocos
CREDIT: Getty Images
17) Notting Hill, London | 2002
Three girls and two men dancing together, Notting Hill Carnival, UK, 2000s
CREDIT: Getty Images
18) Miami, Florida | 2001
Trick Daddy Video Shoot
CREDIT: Getty Images
19) Colombia | 2012
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