Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Tells Lil Kim Notorious B.I.G. Is Her Soulmate


Lil Kim was given an extra boost of assurance during her appearance on Hollywood Medium about her relationship with the late Notorious B.I.G.

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The upcoming episode airing Wednesday (Aug. 23) features the rapper and host Tyler Hunter exploring the depths of her romance with Biggie. The 21-year-old left Kim in shock after the intense experience, where he provided details behind their last moments together. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Hunter says Biggie “came through” with a several messages for Kim.

“It’s like Biggie came through as, like, a former lover, no different than any former lover would,” he said. “But he came through very strongly and acknowledging that he wanted her to know that they were soulmates and how much he loved her. And he acknowledged their relationship and how it kind of…how their last interaction was. He discussed some of the dynamics behind that and gave her a lot of closure and healing because, she didn’t obviously, because of the nature of his passing.”

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Hunter said Kim wasn’t emotional but was left amazed that Biggie was aware of her plans to release music with the two on the track. “It’s amazing because right now I’m working on music for him,” she said in the preview above. “It’s a beautiful connection and it’s all for the love of him.”

Hunter says the experience left Kim feeling confident about her future and connection to the rapper. On March 9, 1997, Biggie died at the age of the 24 after a drive-by shooting. To this day, his murder hasn’t been solved. Biggie’s life story has been told in several ways recently with the release of Faith Evans’ duet album, The King & I and A&E’s upcoming biographyBiggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. 

“I really feel like she needed to hear these messages and really get that validation,” he said. “I think she knew her relationship with Biggie, but to get it validated, and to really have that — have more elaborated on about some of these experiences they had together, really helped her, kind of, revisit that relationship and move forward as she continues new ones.”

Hunter has spoken with other celebrities like T-Boz, Jaleel White and Tiffany Haddish.

Check out the preview for the upcoming episode above.

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