Issa Rae Pitches “Black 90210″ That Follows The Lives Of POC Teens

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Issa Rae’s brainchild, Insecure still has two episodes of its second season on HBO left, but the multi-faceted artist is already plotting another show. Instead of focusing on black characters in their late 20s however, Issa is taking it way back to high school. In a new video circulating Twitter, Issa pitched a new show that follows the lives of black teens. And if this show actually becomes a real production, it would be epic.

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“I would like to pitch you a new show about black teenagers. Think 90210 or Gossip Girl for black kids,” Issa said in the video. “Maybe we call it Ladera Heights 90041. It could be Potomac Maryland 20854. That’s the real s**t.” Issa also offered a bit of character development so fans could get a better vision of the narrative. “My main character would be Lil Ritche. You know, he’s a young, black rich teen. He’s tired of the access, and the excess,” she added. “‘I’m lil Ritchie, I’m so tired of being rich, there’s more to me than this.’ Bars! I just created a song. That’s the theme song.”

And of course, she couldn’t leave out a “ho character.” “I would definitely have a ho character, always on her ho s**t. Just thirsty,” she continued. “No goodie-goodies over here, not in this show. Nobody was watching 90210 for Tori Spelling.”

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The actress concluded the video by bringing up an interesting point about the lack of black, teen shows on TV. “I don’t think since, I would say, like, Moesha, have we followed the lives of black teens.” Moesha, which starred Brandy, went off the air in May 2001. Since then, there have been a number of teen shows, like 13 Reasons Why, Degrassi, and more, that have featured POC characters, but there hasn’t been a predominantly black cast.

It’s definitely time to make this happen!

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