JAY-Z Delves Into Morality And Masculinity In “Footnotes For MaNyfaCedGod”

Days after releasing the official visuals for “MaNyfaCedGod,” JAY-Z returns with an equally engrossing video clip called “Footnotes For MaNyfaCedGod,” where the rapper and fellow industry peers unpack relationship ethics and the common perceptions of masculinity.

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The likes of Trevor Noah, Chris Rock, Mack Wilds, Jesse Williams, Meek Mill and Charlamagne Tha God discuss societal markers of manhood and what we as a social collective often strip men of: the right to exercise vulnerability and emotionality, for example.

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Things get even more personal when Hov asks each colleague to grade himself on the moral spectrum. “Any guy who gives himself an ‘A’ is probably a piece of s**t,” standup comic Michael Che quipped.

Take a look at the video above.