Joey Bada$$ Journeys Back To His Hometown of Brooklyn In 'Temptation' Video

Where Brooklyn at?

Since the release of his acclaimed sophomore album, All-Amerikkan Bada$$, Joey Bada$$ has proven his directorial skills to be equally gripping as his pen game, evidenced in the previously released visual for "Land of Free," which he co-directed. Flexing his prowess behind the camera a bit more, Bada$$ now unveils the visual for "Temptation," journeying back to his stomping grounds in Brooklyn to relive the experiences he endured growing up.

Bada$$ co-helms the visual along with his frequent collaborator Nathan Smith, and takes viewers back to Brooklyn. Perched on a flight of stairs in a brownstone apartment, Bada$$ begins to narrate the lives of the individuals featured in the video. As he watches his mother, Bada$$ dishes out some rhymes before segueing into a full-fledged narration.

"I really came up from the bottom/Struggling, my momma on her last dollar," he raps, before narrating the life of a man in another room, who packs his gun with him before heading to work.

As the chorus begins, Bada$$ and a little girl take a stroll through the neighborhood as they meet a group of men on the sidewalk who start dancing along to the rhythmic melody. After dropping the little girl off with her mother, Bada$$ treats the neighborhood to an outdoor performance of "Temptation." But before he gets to enjoy the energy from his hometown, the cops come by and shut down the event.

The visual ends with Bada$$ in church, as the heartfelt speech from the beginning of "Temptation" — from Zianna Oliphant, who spoke in front of Charlotte City Council back in September 2016 — plays in the background. Bada$$ is currently on Logic's Everybody tour, which hits cities all across the states and will make the festival circuit this September at Meadows Music and Art Festival. The rapper will also reprise his role as Leon in Mr. Robot this October.

TIDAL subscribers can watch the video in full on Nonsubscribers can watch a preview below.

This article was originally published on Billboard.

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