Khia Has A lot Of Opinions About Trina & Blac Chyna

Khia’s seemingly new gig as a media commentator has generated laughs and new attention over her latest topics.

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This week, the rapper known widely for her aughts single “My Neck, My Back,” shared her thoughts on Trina’s surprising outburst and Blac Chyna’s infamous relationship with Rob Kardashian. As she cracked a few jokes with comedian Ts Madison, the rapper called out Chyna for not being there for Rob. The couple called it quits earlier this year after they welcomed their daughter Dream into the world.

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“All I wanted her to do […] when she got with Rob, was to be a real b***h,” she said. “All she had to do was to make those ni**as respect that ni**a. You didn’t even tried to heal [him.]” She also called out the Kardashian sisters for their lack of assistance in the situation. “If it was me and my five sisters, we wouldn’t have let her get that close to my one brother.”

With wine in hand, the duo provided faux rulings on everything from Usher’s STD accusations to Khia’s own critics. All apart of Madison’s YouTube channel, the full video dives into Khia’s thoughts on it all. The rapper also gave insight into Trina’s Instagram Live outburst and questioned the Miami rapper’s past. “Cardi B was a stripper, Cardi B was a hoe, Cardi B got her money and she was proud to say it,” Khia said.


Khia mentioned her respect for Cardi B, who is also a fan of her work.

We’re not sure when Khia will drop back in with Madison, but people are enjoying her growing comedic chops.

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