Lil Jon Says JAY-Z’s ‘4:44′ Is What Hip-Hop Is All About

Lil Jon may have made his mark on the crunk music scene in 2004 through party and turn-up hits. In 2017, however, the former East Side Boyz frontman says that both his music and the meaning of hip-hop have changed.

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During an appearance at the HARD Summer Music Festival, the 46-year-old discussed his foray into the EDM music scene. He’s exploring different musical genres nowadays, but he still has a soft spot for hip-hop, singling out JAY-Z’s latest album, 4:44.

“[4:44] what hip-hop is about,” said Jon. “It’s about having different levels and different kinds of everything. Everybody had different styles. Nobody had the same style. You can listen to X Clan, and then you can listen to 2 Live Crew, and you can listen to something else. It’s good to have diversity. So of course that’s a great album.”

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As for his feelings on the EDM scene, Jon noted that the energy and appreciation of EDM fans remind him of hip-hop back in the day.

“The way people were having a good time reminded me of hip-hop in the early days,” he explained. “I just got offstage, and everybody from the front and back is having a good time. Nobody’s standing around trying to Snapchat. Everyone is genuinely partying and f**king getting lit.

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“That’s what music is about. We supposed to dance. Not put it on social media. We supposed to have fun, not put it on social media. I think that’s what initially made me fall in love with [EDM]. Just the energy of the crowd and the people, and just really good music that was being made.”

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