Lollapalooza 2017: Jidenna Brings Fly Vibes, Run The Jewels Meet Rapping Fan, Vic Mensa’s Surprise Set Hit Day 2


With clouds looming overhead and Fall temperatures garnering the use of hoodies and long sleeves, Day 2 of Lollapalooza was all-around cool. One hour after doors re-opened and as festival goers trickled in, numerous acts took to various branded stages, like BMI, Pepsi and Perrys. The 26th annual music festival came back to life and with much dryer weather, artists were able to perform fan-favorites before thousands of music lovers.

Jidenna Performed A-1 Classics, Man

CREDIT: VIBE/Stacy-Ann Ellis

When it comes to rocking a 3-piece burned orange suit while rapping, singing and dancing, Jidenna has got it down pat. The Wondaland artist hit the Grant Park stage to perform jams from his debut studio album, The Chief. After his DJ and band (dressed in all white, by the way) got the crowd hyped for his entrance, the one & only emerged with fresh navy-blue Chucks to his staple introductory track, “Chief Don’t Run.”

In between performances of salutary “Long Live the Chief,” the party-startin’ “The Let Out,” the soothing lullaby, Bambi and much much more, Jidenna switched up his smooth swag with a black, hooded jacket and a black, fitted Chicago-stamped snapback.

With the weather looking less than perfect and sunny, The Chief brought the much needed warm and high-energy needed to start the day’s musical festivities.

The Lit Part: When the “Classic Man” came on and had everyone dancing with their hands up in the air, and yes like they just don’t care. Oh, and Jidenna got down with the dance moves while performing “Little Bit More.”

Go, Jidenna.

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Vic Mensa Joined The Bill Because You Put On For Your City

CREDIT: VIBE/Stacy-Ann Ellis

Shortly after producer Gramatik finished his electronic-meets-hip-hop set, Chicago’s own Vic Mensa walked onto the Perrys stage to his The Autobiography track, “Say I Didn’t” for a surprise 15-minute set. The Roc Nation artist had the crowd lit during performances of “U Mad,” “Rollin Like A Stoner” and mosh pits formed throughout the audience when room and shoving allowed it.

Before heading off the stage before the next act, Mensa took a moment to bring the energy down and pay tribute to those who have died at the hands of police brutality.

“I dedicate this to all the lives lost in Chicago,” he gently voiced before the Ty Dolla $ign song “We Could Be Free” echoed from the speakers. Vic’s singing fell over the audience and solemnly served words of reality and the beautiful potential of tomorrow’s society.

‘Round of applause. You better, Vic.

That Wack Part: The festival organizers could’ve given him more of a spotlight via flashlight or something. Mensa could barely be seen on the dark stage.

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Run The Jewels Address Suicide, Rap With A Fan

CREDIT: VIBE/Stacy-Ann Ellis

Hip-hop was alive and well when Killer Mike and El-P took the Grant Park stage at this year’s Lollapalooza. Aside from their hard-hitting flow and duo chemistry, Run The Jewels reeled in thousands for their musical party. With performances of “Stay Gold,” “Hey Kids (Bumaye),” “Lie Cheat, Steal,” it was hard to stand still or refrain from nodding your head to the beat.

Interaction with the crowd was fun, even if you couldn’t squeeze your way to the front. The humorous moments between the fellas reminded you just how special their dynamic, 6-year friendship is though you would’ve thought they’ve known each other longer. Killer Mike helped with a bit of crowd control after a while, asking everyone to take “1 step back on the count of three,” to alleviate the pressure put on those who waited all day for a chance to stand in the front rows.

In true artist fashion, the rappers took a moment to dedicate a song to the late Linkin Park lead singer, Chester Bennington. Before doing so, Run The Jewels spoke about the importance of utilizing the ones who love you during dark times and that there are people around you who care.

“We hate seeing people leave. Because we know, we’ve been there. We’ve seen the darkness,” expressed El-P. “We know what it’s like to feel like there is literally nothing out there for you. I’m here to f**king tell you that if you stick around, that sh** will change. But we need you to stick around. We need you here.”

That Fun Part: One lucky fan named Jacob was selected out of the crown to rap with Killer Mike and El P. Why? Because he held up a sign saying, “Let me rap legend has it.” And rap he did. He knew every lyric and held it down when it came to the flow.


You can watch performances from Day 2 of the 4-day music festival over on RedBull TV’s live broadcast/replay channel.