Magic Johnson & Samuel L. Johnson Mistaken For “Lazy Migrants” During Lavish Italian Vacation

Ridiculously famous friends Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson are currently enjoying a fun Italian vacation with their wives, but not many were thrilled to see buds in high spirits.

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The Independent reports the duo were enjoying a little shopping in Northern Tuscany’s Louis Vuitton and Prada locations last Wednesday (Aug. 16) when they were spotted by fans. The two arrived in Genoa last week with Cookie Johnson, LaTanya Richardson and other couples to celebrate Johnson’s 58th birthday and Jackson’s wedding anniversary.

Johnson posted a photo of their encounter with fans on Twitter which found its way to Italian users who labeled them as lazy migrant workers. The state recently embarked on an open migrant policy that provides refugees with 35 euros (USD $41) for basic resources. It would be impossible for a refugee or anyone for that matter to spend 41 bucks on a Louis bag, but logic continued to go out the window when Italian comic Luca Bottura created a meme of the two men.

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The meme translates to “Boldrini’s resources in Forte dei Marmi shop at Prada with our €35. Share this picture if you are outraged.” The photo went viral as Italians shared their “disgust” over immigration laws and programs for refugees. Bottura later apologized for the meme and claimed he knew of their celebrity since he’s lived in the United States.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Johnson remained unbothered by the fiasco and have continued sightseeing in the area.

Johnson even brushed up on his jet ski skills.

We’re just happy these two are living their best lives.

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