Rep. Maxine Waters Reclaimed All Of Her Time On ‘The Breakfast Club’


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif) stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning (Aug. 7) and reclaimed all of her time.

The beloved congresswoman who has been dubbed Auntie Maxine or Queen Maxine as she was referred to by the Power 105. 1 talking heads spoke for 30 minutes on a myriad of topics including how she got her start in politics. Having been a congresswoman for 37 years (in November 2016 she was elected to her 14th term in the U.S. House of Representatives) Waters said she’s always been outspoken, but with Trump’s election, she’s finally being heard.

“When Trump showed up, then I had to show up.” Waters said.

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Waters’ career has been somewhat reborn due to social media meriting her a plethora of new supporters and also a new crop of haters. When asked how she handles the negative commentary Waters said she leans on her experience to help her get through.

“As an African-American woman who has been involved in the struggle you know it’s coming. You know who they are and you know how to not let it devastate you, and you build the strength to fight back, to push back and let it just go over your shoulders, you know? It’s not something that’s going to put me in the bed and say ‘Oh my god!’ Every day I wake up, I wake up energized.”

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Waters also made it clear she doesn’t believe in censorship. While hip-hop has a textured history with politicians wanting to censor rappers, Waters–who admitted she was an early supporter of rap even when it was gangster rap– thinks censorship has no place in a democracy, and spoke lovingly of her favorite rapper, Tupac.


“There was a certain sensitivity about him and I got to know his mom when he did that song he did when he talked about his mom, ‘My mom was a dope fiend but she was my queen’ of course! That really struck me as somebody who was brilliant and smart and all of that, but had a real sensibility and a heart and an understanding that a lot of people don’t have. When you can recognize your mom is in trouble but also recognize that, that is your mother and you can do everything you can for her, that many people will fall into trouble and I have this theory that when people know better they do better, so a lot of mothers don’t know any better unfortunately young often times have children, so Tupac for me was very special. He was smart and I loved him.”

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Check out Queen Maxine discuss whether or not Trump can really be impeached and more below.