DJ Absolut Gives Fans Another Reminder About Mobb Deep’s “Greatness”


Throughout 2017, DJ Absolut has given the hip-hop world numerous reasons why Mobb Deep’s longevity in the game should never be questioned. Last month, the Queens mixer unearthed M.O.B.B’s unreleased track “What You Think,” in which P and Havoc deliver wild verses over Biggie’s “Small Warning,” as a part of his #MixtapeMondays campaign. Yesterday (Aug 21), Absolut dropped another unheard banger from the Queens legends — appropriately titled “Greatness.”

“You’re never going to have longevity like P, Never going to be hell bent as Mobb Deep,” Prodigy raps in the first 6 bars.

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As piano keys open the record, the DJ introduces Prodigy before he lays down one of his more hardcore verses. Havoc follows up with a strong supporting set, which makes their new single even more heart-wrenching to hear.