Nitty Scott Twerks To Resist With Her Sisters Of “La Diaspora” (Watch)

This year’s Afro-Latino Festival served as a tribute to women of the diaspora. Nitty Scott, MC, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, was one of many Afro-Caribbean women artists who took the main stage to perform. Weeks later, the Brooklyn-based rapper returns with paid homage of her own in “La Diaspora,” a seven-minute representation of an indigenous utopia, free of imperialism, capitalism, white heteropatriarchy and every other oppressive system. The Cutter Hodierne-directed short finds Nitty and her surrounding villagers celebrate in the diasporic identity and tribal life.

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“‘La Diaspora’ is a tribute to the women warriors of the diaspora. It’s about bonding and healing over collective nostalgia for an ancient culture we should be living and still feel connected to,” she explains to FADER. “This is dedicated to ‘la hija de la diaspora,’ or the daughters of the diaspora, descendants of Africa and indigenous peoples. For the film, I created a colorful indigenous utopia in my head, free of all oppression and colonization. A narrative that does not begin with slave ships, but with native community, living amongst nature and in alignment with the earth.”

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The track lives on Nitty Scott’s newest LP Creature!, which also celebrates her duplicitous identity.