OWN Shows The Awesomeness Of Black Love In Trailer For Its New Show ‘Black Love’


Who doesn’t love a great love story? (people whose DMs are dry, that’s who) Well forget those people because Oprah Winfrey and the OWN Network are gearing up to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside with their newest programming titled Black Love. Created by married couple and filmmakers Tommy and Codie Oliver, the duo interviewed several African-American couples—some in Hollywood some not–about how they met and how they keep it together.

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The show, which will premiere Aug. 29 examines the intricacies and delicacies of love from black couples. Some couples have been together for eight, 10 and even 17 years while other couples are still in the newlywed phase. The extended clip opens with Academy-Award winner Viola Davis speaking candidly about how nervous she was when she first met her husband, but then being flattered by his zeal.

“I was terrified because he told me exactly who he was, he was absolutely honest about his past and then he brought me home and then said ‘you are a very beautiful and a nice woman and it was a pleasure spending time with you’ and he shook my hand and then I went in the house. Twenty minutes later he called again and I said ‘You got home already?’ and he said ‘No, I’m at the Ralph’s down the street, but I just wanted to tell you again what a great time I had and what a beautiful woman you are’ and I said ‘oh, ok.’  Twenty minutes later he called again and said ‘I just want to say I got home, but you’re a beautiful woman and I’m about to go to sleep and just wanted to tell you to have a good night.”

He called again.

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With interviews from Tia and Cory Hardwick, Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin as well as Flex and Shanice who have been married 17 years, these couples get real about what makes their relationship work. Check out the extended trailer below.