Passport Rav Explains The Reason For His “Delayed Flights”

We’ve all been there, stranded in the airport, pissed about our flight to wherever being delayed. But what about when the flight of our life’s success feels like it’s never on the way. Passport Rav speaks to that very notion and more on his new single “Delayed Flights”. While he believes that we are all on flights in life some of us are on delayed status, yet will learn our journey has it’s own timetable…one that allows us to land at our pre-destined destinations at the perfect time.

“Delayed Flights” the song is dope, but the animated visual created by 7God captures the feeling of being helpless in movement while waiting your turn. Oh, and some advice from Rav, “Do not rush the process. #BeFlyStayHungry!”

This song will be featured on his EP entitled Gentrified Snacks coming later this fall.