Playboi Carti Claims He Isn’t Stealing Any Beats Despite Recent Allegations

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Playboi Carti has undoubtedly been one of the breakout stars of this year, but the rapper recently found negative publicity after being accused of stealing his beats from a producer named MilanMakesBeats. But the rapper addressed the allegations during a discussion with DJ Akademiks on Instagram, in an attempt to defuse the rumors altogether.

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The “Magnolia” artist and “Everyday Struggle” host apparently had a discussion via Instagram messages. There, Carti denied the accusations and said MilanMakesBeats was just “trying to get clout.” “I only rap on Pierre [Bourne] beats. So the old producers sick,” he said. “I promise, I don’t do janky business… I don’t owe him s***. I don’t steal beats.” The rapper, who was previously cosigned by Drake, continued by saying that Milan grew upset after he blew him off following the release of his self-titled, debut mixtape.

As the old story goes, there is always two sides to any story. And according to MilanMakesBeats, Playboi stole a snippet of one of his beats to create his single “VLONE Thug.” Milan alleges that he reached out to the rapper about cutting him a check, but Carti wasn’t with it. “I started hitting them like, ‘that’s my beat.’,” Milan told DJ Akademiks. “I didn’t really care how they got it. I just wanted to get paid. After that, the producer said he started paying more attention to when he was credited on Carti’s work. “I started noticing anytime he did mention my name he would put ‘Milan Beats’ and I’ve corrected him before,” Milan added.

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Carti and Milan’s disagreement sparks up an interesting discussion about the lack of respect for producers in the industry. The notion was made even clearer after French Montana couldn’t even remember the name of the producer who contributed to French’s hit “Unforgettable.” Sonny Digital also touched on the subject following French’s situation, saying: “See, this is what I’m talking abt. How this producer give him a smash and he doesn’t even know him. This video proves my point abt PRODUCERS.”

Hopefully this will open the floor for more conversations about producers in the future.