Police Arrest Puerto Rican Man Who Claimed Participating In Charlottesville Beating Wasn’t Racist

One of the attackers who beat 20-year-old Deandre Harris during the Charlottesville Riots has turned himself into police custody, reports WGCL. The culprit, Alex Michael Ramos, made headlines earlier this month when he stated in a viral Facebook Live video that because he’s Puerto Rican he isn’t a racist.

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“I need to say some s**t about the UTR, and I need to say some s**t about racism, ’cause I’m not f**king racist, I’m Spanish,” he said. “I’m Puerto Rican. Yeah, there are some Puerto Rican racist people out there, but I’m not one of them. And I need people to know that s**t.”

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Subsequently, the 33-year-old turned himself in on Monday (Aug. 28), denying the attack was racially motivated. Instead, he claimed it was a “defensive attack.” Additionally, he told WGCL that attended the rally because he is a conservative not a racist, and said there were members of the movement that were not prejudice. Ramos admitted to hitting Harris once, and revealed that the other men involved hit him with shields and sticks.

Police also arrested Daniel P. Borden who was also apart of the attack. Following that arrest, officials put up ‘Wanted’ signs of Ramos, who is from Marietta, Georgia. He made his first appearance in court on Aug. 29.