Pretty Ricky Discuss Reunion, Spectacular’s Grumpy Cat Creation And More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Following a sold-out performance at 2017’s Soulquarious Festival, Pretty Ricky realized their fan base is more than ready for their return. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, the R&B group discussed why they decided to get back together.

“I think it was a timing type of thing,” Pleasure P said. “You put so much work into something and it’s like, ‘I’ll be damned if I don’t get nothing out of what I worked towards.’ We have a lot of fans out there, we left a lot on the table so it’s like let’s just do one last album, one last tour for the fans and we just put it together to do that.” Baby Blue added, “I think our music is needed right now. Ain’t no baby-making music coming right now.”

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Spectacular also talked about his profitable company, Adwizar Inc., which helps “companies and brands grow their social media following.” He added that his business was deemed “the fastest-growing company at 1,600 percent growth within the last three years.” One of his creations, he said, is the wildly popular Grumpy Cat meme, which he noted is worth $100 million.

The morning show hosts then asked the group how they reacted to Pleasure P’s departure. Baby Blue said it began when the former approached him and said he wants to move out of their house, but, “‘I’m not finna get out the group. I just wanna move out the crib, we still gonna do records.'” Baby Blue added that outside forces were the people with the issue “because they weren’t finna be able to have as much control over him as before. But he was real transparent. We kept in touch the whole way, that’s how we was able to put this back together.”

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Pleasure P also said his unhappiness with the management’s handling of their funds inspired him to leave the group. “I don’t even care when I left, I left when we were on top too,” he said. “I just wasn’t happy. I was like, ‘fu*k this sh*t.’ I rather do anything than this at the time. I never left to pursue a solo career, it was more off of money that I wasn’t getting.”

Watch below where they discuss whether they’re on Love & Hip-Hop: Miami, why Spectacular made that grind video, a possible B2K and Day26 joint tour, and their new single “Good Girls.”

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