Prince’s Sister Says His Favorite Color Wasn’t Purple, But Orange


After Tuesday Nov. 8, 2016 when a female politician with 20 years of experience lost an election to a man with no political experience and who admitted to grabbing women by their private parts to become president of the United States, nothing is surprising.

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So when Prince’s sister announced that her late brother’s favorite color was not purple, to learn this earth-shattering information during Trump’s presidency is just further proof we’re all living in the Bizarro World.

The singer’s sister Tyka Nelson spoke with the Evening Standard about an upcoming exhibit featuring her brother’s artifacts. The showcase will take place in London and Nelson said her favorite item was one Prince’s guitars.

“The standout piece for me is his orange Cloud guitar,” she said. “It is strange because people always associate the color purple with Prince, but his favorite color was actually orange.”

Again, The Bizarro World where Donald Trump is president and The First Lady visits a flooded city wearing three inch heels and aviator sunglasses.

Prince, known as The Purple One, who catapulted to super stardom because of his immense talent and his 1984 film Purple Rain was actually fond of the color orange.

So should he be referred to as The Orange one now?

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At the time of his death, various cities showed their support for him with the color purple. The Eiffel Tower lit up in purple, as well as New Orleans Superdome, the Chicago skyline, and Niagara Falls.

Is this life even real anymore?