Pulse Nightclub’s Owner Plans To Reopen At New Location

Barbara Poma, the owner of Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., is planning to reopen the venue, Jezebel reports. The club endured the largest LGBT massacre in U.S. history in June 2016.

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Reportedly, a spokeswoman said Poma is looking for a space in “central or urban Orlando.” Pulse was located on 1912 S. Orange Ave., near the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Poma plans to turn the closed nightclub into a memorial, or maybe a museum funded by the onePulse Foundation she started.

There will be a town hall meeting held on Sept. 13 to determine whether or not the memorial will happen. Some are hesitant about the club’s reopening because of the panic and trauma from the fatal shooting. Yet the onePulse foundation’s main statement is to “not let hate win.”

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There’s no denying the legacy Pulse left behind among the LGBT community, which is understandable why Poma wants to bring it back. In 2016, when the fatal shooting occurred, she told Billboard“I can’t tell you how many stories I have read over this week that have told me that Pulse was the first gay bar they ever went to, how they were shaking in fear, how they weren’t out to their families and how Pulse welcomed them. People who aren’t out, people who are exploring, people who are transitioning need a place to do this without judgment, they need acceptance; this is what Pulse was always about.”

As for the memorial, the community says it’s part of honoring the LGBT and Latino community in the area.

“This project is not about replacing a building or a fun hangout for the gay community,” Jason Felts, CEO of Virgin Produced and board member of onePulse Foundation said regarding the memorial. “This project is about healing Central Florida, the GLBT community, the Latino community.”