Rihanna And OFO Donate Bikes To Girls In Malawi To Combat Transportation Restrictions

Rihanna’s mission to provide an adequate education for children in neglected communities continues to press on with this exciting news. According to Teen Vogue, the international star teamed up with bike-sharing company ofo to donate a slew of bikes to girls in Malawi. The mode of transportation will help reduce the restrictions that are placed upon young women who have to walk miles to school.

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“I’m so happy about the Clara Lionel Foundation’s new partnership with ofo because it will help so many young people around the world receive a quality education, and also help the young girls of Malawi get to school safely, cutting down those very long walks they make to and from school all alone,” Rihanna’s statement reads.

In addition to a new set of wheels under a five-year “1 KM Action” plan, CLF and ofo will provide scholarships for these girls to help further their higher education pursuits. CEO and founder of ofo, Dai Wei, added, “We believe in unlocking every corner in the world with equal access to education as well as with our bike-sharing scheme.”

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Recently, while stunting in Paris for the premiere of her latest film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Rihanna met with French president Emmanuel Macron to discuss global education. “We focused on the topic of education from global aspects, and we will make a very big announcement this coming September,” she told reporters.

At the top of the summer, the “Diamonds” singer who’s the ambassador for the global partnership for education debuted a video of her trip to Malawi, where she witnessed the education system of the African country firsthand.

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