Rolling Stone Issues A Full Apology To Charlamagne tha God


Not wanting to take matters to a court of law, issued a full apology to Power 105.1 host Charlamagne tha God for a story posted July 31.

“Rolling Stone mischaracterized Charlemagne’s position in its original search headline, conflating comments by Lil Duval, a guest on his show, with his own. We sincerely apologize to Charlamagne the God for the error,” the publication wrote.

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Last month, author and transgender activist Janet Mock appeared on The Breakfast Club to promote her latest book. While the interview had some awkward and albeit rude moments, it seemed as though the talking heads of the controversial morning show were receptive to Mock. Days later, comic Lil Duval appeared on the show stating he would kill a woman if she revealed later in their relationship she was trans. Although laughing along with Duval, Charlamagne did say the statement was a hate crime. Following the backlash the show received because of Duval’s comments, Mock wrote a first-person story on condemning Duval’s hateful rhetoric. published a story with a headline that read “Janet Mock Speaks Out Following Charlamagne Tha God’s Controversial Morning Show.”  It was later reported the Black Privilege author drafted a legal document threatening to sue for defamation claiming the Google search headline to the article on the music website was inaccurate.

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The change still wasn’t good enough for the radio host and finally issued their apology.