Safaree Thinks ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Creator Mona Scott-Young Is The Oprah Of Our Time

Safaree’s presence on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been a treat to fans, and the rapper couldn’t be more grateful. So much so that he praised the franchise’s creator for her vision while comparing her to Oprah Winfrey.

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On Tuesday (Aug. 1), the rapper and reality star took to social media to declare his appreciation for the former music executive. Safaree was brought on to the series for Season 3 last year. At the time, the rapper told VH1 he wanted to reintroduce himself to the masses after his former relationship with Nicki Minaj. “You know, I’m just rebuilding myself,” he said. “I put my life on hold long enough, so now I’m finally able to focus on myself and, you know, show the world what I’m made of and make the best of every situation I’m in, and I’m just trying to let people know I’m my own person.”

The rapper has become a fan favorite and says he owes it all to Scott-Young. “When I had the world against me without even knowing who I was, you were the only person who gave me a fair shot,” he said. “[You] didn’t judge, didn’t assume, didn’t care who I was with or not. Had to be one of the darkest times in my life. IDGAF what anyone has to say @monascottyoung you are out here saving lives and entertaining millions across the world.”

His thoughtful dedication caught the attention of many when he compared Scott-Young to Oprah. “How could you hate on a black woman for doing that,” he said. “This is our Oprah wether you wanna admit it or not.”

After facing a few critics, Safaree defended Scott-Young over the violent behavior the cast members have displayed over the years.

The Love & Hip Hop franchise has continued to bring in millions of viewers every week and proven to be a hit in the adult 18–49 demographic.