Skepta Releases Retro “Hypocrisy” Video


Skepta might not always show it, but the naysayers tend to work his nerves at times. Whether in-real-life or online, the London MC has little time for folks who just like to gossip all day.

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Directed by Matt Walker, Skepta flashes back to the ’80s as he relives the cheesy television age in his “Hypocrisy” music video. One thing is clear, the firespitta hears everything the nerds are saying about him.

“Cause they try to disrespect me/When they’re online especially/But everyting cool when they check me/Because I’m so cool and deadly/See, I had to realise slowly/That nobody actually knows me/Yeah, man, I’ve got fifteen different iPhones/But I am so not phoney,” raps Skepta on the second verse.