Stacey Dash Says She Didn’t Call Maxine Waters A “Corrupt Media Buffoon,” Blames Alleged Intern


When all else fails, blame the intern. Stacey Dash is defending herself after a tweet appeared on her account Thursday (Aug. 24) calling Rep. Maxine Waters (D.-Calif.) a “corrupt media buffoon.”

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The comment was in response to a article sharing Waters’ Black Girls Rock speech, which aired on the cable network earlier in the week.

“This is how you spin a corrupt media buffoon sucking up her late in life 15 minutes,” the tweet read.

On Friday (Aug. 25), Dash clarified that the post was from an alleged intern, even though she’s no fan of Waters.

“Let me clarify that an intern wrongly used ‘buffoon’ in a recent tweet,” she wrote. “I don’t need to be disrespectful to disagree.”

To further explain her feelings about the 79-year-old Congresswoman, Dash tweeted a January blog post where she claims Waters worked to “extend her fifteen minutes of fame” by calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

She also responded to tweets suggesting that she’s not acting “black” enough.

The Clueless star has etched a new career of sorts in political commentary. But after getting  booted from Fox News last year, Dash’s controversial views have mostly been regulated to social media and her personal blog.

Check below for reactions to her intern tweet.

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