T.I. On Donald Trump: “F*ck Him To The Fullest. He’s A Sucker!”

When it comes to relationships, T.I. may not be the person to speak to, but that doesn’t mean one can’t take in his social commentary. A staunch Donald Trump detractor, the ATLien has always been vocal about Trump’s speeches, behavior and conduct. But after the president’s Tuesday (Aug. 15) press conference in which he blamed the “alt-left” for their part in the violence of Charlottesville, Virginia, the Us Or Else rapper is done using flowery, poetic language to describe his disdain for the commander-in-chief.

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“That’s exactly what I expect from a sucker. You know, cowards throw stones and hide their hands,” Tip said to TMZ.So earlier, you know, they applied pressure and made him denounce his white supremacy homeboys and his neo-Nazi partners, and after bipartisan pressure he denounced them, but I’m sure there was a phone call or some sort of covert meeting with them, saying, ‘What the f*ck do you think you’re doing? This is not what we elected you for!’ and then he had to come back and reverse.”

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As T.I. began heading toward the door, he made his stance simple and plain. Watch T.I. go off below.